Monday, 27 January 2014

Studio Alchymia was founded by Alessandro and Adriana Guerriero in Milian in 1979. 

Chief spokesman -> Alessandro Mendini.

Main protagonists included -> Ettore Sottsass Jr., Paola Navone, Andrea Branzi, and Michele de Lucchi.

Ettore Sotssass
Paola Navone
Paola Navone
Andrea Branzi

Michele De lucchi

This movement pushed the world in many different places and directions. People were amazed and shocked, that something so simple could be turned into something so different. SOTTSASS AND IS NON-CULTURAL IMAGERY! Imagery that doesn't necessarily need to have a meaning

Everything changed in a big way. They were influenced and designed and drew designs from all over, being Braun to Bauhaus and from Kitsch to Kandinsky.
Mendini and Sottsass used to always bump into each others different ideas which lead them to often clashing. Sottsass always wanted to search beyond and find out new things.

The Memphis design group was founded by Sottsass and Michele de Lucchi in Milan in 1981.

 "-Stimulating the design world in a positive fashion-"

Although the Memphis design group was based only in Milan, this didn't really matter or make a difference to life because plenty other designers from all over the world also joined this group. Which and then because of this led the new formed group to be called ‘The new International Style’.

Nobody REALLY knows where the true meaning of the name ‘Memphis’ came from. Some people say it came from Sottsass and the song he always used to play by Bob Dylan, -Stick Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again-.
The group’s designs where always full of colour and laminated surfaces. They worked across a range of media and products: clocks, textiles, furniture, glass, ceramics, flooring, and interiors. The designers knew that their style would not last long, but still believed in it anyways.

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